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Meet the big beauty boss ^^

I am Raihana and this is my blog, it's mine. In this very little space from the World Wide Web, this could be the only place where in i can have my freedom to express myself, rant whenever i wanted to, post non-sense shit, type asdfghjkl until i get tired like an idiot. I mean, who the hell in the world, uhmm (except me) would do that effin thing? of course no one. EXCEPT ME. Alright, you've got it. I really am an idiot. okay? and you've got any problems with that? kiss my fist. Actually i'm Twenty and i don't act like what normal girls do. I'm weird and i like crazy things. I like the smell of an old book, I yawn and don't close my mouth even if i'm in a public place.. and i blah blah, i blah too.. enough. bye byee! You may click links and contact to befriend with me.Thanks !

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