There are voices
In my head,
Making me forget
The things I'd said.

Making me forget
How I love you.

From within me,
These voices did not start,
But I gave them a chance
And they grabbed ahold of my heart.

And now they're screaming
So loudly.

Giving away so much for these appetites to be fed,
My reflection reveals someone who's dead.
I've let go of a priceless identity,
I look in the mirror and hate what I see.

The voices are yelling out
Their lies,
And I begin to believe them
When I close my eyes.

Oh, where
Are you now?

Foolishly, I laid
Within their den.
I just couldn't
Say no to them.

Say yes to you.

Thought I was strong enough to stand,
But I'm helpless when I let go of your hand.

I forgot you're all I need,
And now I cry as I bleed.

The voices are shouting
I'm straining to hear
Something else now.

One still, small voice
Slices through.

Even though
I've betrayed,
You tell me
You'll always stay.

You're breaking through,
And saving me now.

If only for today,
The voices fade away.
Your love revitalizes me;
Your forgiveness sets me free.

*I remember how I love you.

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