Sadder than Yesterday

Oh my Godness!!!! his voice is so damn sexy!!! and the way he dance!!! and... and... damn it !!! he is just AMAZING!!!! I love the beginning melody, it's funny and great!! this song is so great~ the chords are so comfortble for listening. ^~^

Translate lyric credit from here

I can't believe it
My love

You cruelly pretend not to see me and turn away
Admist the blowing hair, my eyes shake in despair
I try to hide it but it brightly shows like a lie

I am like this because of you
Every day is like hell- day by day
I miss you, I miss you so much
No matter how much I say I don't
It's not working

(I can't stand it anymore)
Even if my life is ruined

Today, which is sadder than yesterday,
Inside of me, your place is empty
Tears blankly fall even though I desperately call you
I can't see you- I don't want to turn away forever

Yesterday- nanananana
Yesterday- nanananana

Please come back
But in the end, you don't come back
Our love is only until yesterday
I don't want to turn away forever
Yesterday (life is go on)

I miss you, I miss you so much
Even though I try to be strong

Yesterday- nanananana
Yesterday- nanananana

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