My life is an Open Book

My life is an open book, and I'm at the climax of the story.
Each day a page turns, page by page by page, the story goes on.
Excitement, failure, dreams, happiness, let down, glory, success.
Each page filled with too many emotions to count.
Time's with friends will never get old, the happiness I once felt remains in each
page hidden in metaphors and puns.
It's this mystery that'll never be solved.
This surprise you're yearning so badly to know.
It's an open book, open to new experiences and thoughts.
Open to a new reality and new people.
Just like any good story, it started out slow, not sure where it was going.
Events happened, people changed, I changed
and so the story took off.
Never knowing how it'll end or where it's taking me next, but as each day goes on
more and more is being added and appreciated.

 Each laugh I utter.
Each smile I expose.
Each word I speak.
Each action I take.
Each time I fail.
Each time I fall.
Each time I make up for my mistakes.
The story goes on, with every up I have and every down I go through.
The story goes on.
No outline made, just ideas floating around about my future.
Nothing's certain in this story my friends, it's all up in the air.
Anything can happen with this novel.
No rough draft, no outline.
Just the brilliant creation

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