I only have two words for you

After everything I done for you
every chance I gave you
And yet you still break my heart
but it's OVER

Finally I realized I don't deserve this
and honestly you don't deserve me
Yeah I still love you
And I probably will for a long time
but I can't stay here anymore
It hurts too much
I guess this is...


I guess I'm tired of being last thing on your mind
I should have known from the start
You'd go and break my heart...

You took my love and threw it away
as if it were nothing...

To me, you are everything
but to you I'm just another meantime girl...

You hurt me more than I deserve
How can you be so cruel?
I love you more than you deserve
Why am I such a fool?

Little did I know you were just another dead end road
made with pretty lies and broken dreams...
Now I believe it when people say love is blind
I must have been blind to love a person like you

It finally hit me that you didn't care
when you walked away and never looked back...

Maybe if I had just looked away
that first night you came towards me
everything would be different
and my heart wouldn't be breaking right now...

I wanna do exactly what you did to me
Lead you on...
Make you fall for me
Then just let you go effortlessly...

Suddenly I hate myself for everything
I've ever felt for you

Sometimes I wish I could go back
and erase the day I met you

But then...
I will never regret loving you
Only believing you love me too

I made a mistake thinking you were my world
You won't get away with this
You messed with the wrong girl

Slandering just for your own gain
Dream on honey
I'm gonna make you feel my pain

Thank you for ripping my heart out
stomping on it and breaking it in half
Now I know how much you care

Watching you walk out my life doesn't
make me  bitter about love,
but rather makes me realize that...

If I wanted to so much to be with wrong person
How great it will be when the right one comes along

There is no medication for this illness
No known cure other than TIME

Maybe someday I'll get back my HEART
Maybe someday I'll get back my PRIDE
Maybe somewhere down the road I'll forget
to remember YOU

One day you'll seek love and be sorry that
you threw mine away...
And one day you'll realize you could have been

I hope someday you'll realize what a fool you were
to let someone like me to slip from your grip

And that you'll see that the one you've been looking for
was the one who set you free

One day...
I will be able to look you in the eye
without the pain you've caused
One day...
I will be able to stand next to you
without wanting to hold your hand
One day...