It's difficult to make my tears fall from my eyes much more to make those tears form. I cry for various reason, but this time these tears means happiness. Happiness not of mine but of others. Do they deserve this? I don't know and I won't know. I smile. A sad one for me for a missed opportunity. A satisfied one for the one who was far better than me, took the moment and made the best out of it.

In life, we learn our lessons the hard way and most of the time we end up in regrets. I should end up in that too but I don't--it's either I should not because I really don't deserve such regrets or I won't because I will not let myself. This one, it'll remain melancholic, bitter sweet and a what- could-have-been... I'll start counting... Not the days... but the ones which will be coming where in my luck would hit the bull's eye.

Missed opportunity? I think not. It's a lesson. A lesson taught in a painful way to for a lesson to be learned. A short chapter is about to end. Don't be afraid of starting a new one because you won't know that destiny is already writing it for you and you'll know it.. you will know it.. eventually and when that realization comes... you'll be smiling like a looney and thankful of how the last chapter went. What we need to learn is acceptance. Acceptance on how you were not able to get that scholarship on something, or that you didn't end up with the person you love, or that you`didn't get that job, or that you didn't pass the exams, etc etc. Why? Because there are still more to come... which are much better than the ones we've missed. Because we had contribute in that failure to us to realize something which would contribute to our growth. ACCEPTANCE. Until we learn that, only then could a chapter be ended.

Life is how we perceive it. A glass half empty or half full. A road with fork or a cul-de-sac. Unfair or just. Life is life. As long as you are alive it will be simply be life and it comes with a gift; the gift of choice. There are no right or wrong choices only choices which were not supported by appropriate actions.. choices which were left hanging...

Happiness is a choice. You just have to open your heart, mind and eyes for you to see that source of joy. Remember that happiness is not imposed by others nor can it be taken by others, it is not dependent on others or on things. Happiness is within you. Only you could make yourself happy.

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