Pink Mode

Yesterday my mood was upset.  and to eliminate bad mood, so I'm wearing a pink shirt with pink hijab also, let my heart be peaceful today... Lets see (^o^)

My mom bought this hijab, and I wear it while i back home thx mom laft iuu

this belt from my sister, she give me before her got married

seen from the side

seen from the front

seen from above

seen from the half body

hmm dont look at me so serious

taken with mirror coz no one can shoot me LOL

What style is this?

so blurrrrr coz my camera very enthusiastic, ALIBI

hmm seen from the photos of it I think I wanted to be a model, because I'm very conscious of the camera hahaa. but unfortunately I was not high enough and not slim also to become a model, very sad. but I could be a model on my own blog LOL hahahaa...

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