Who I am ?

Myself is mystery +
I know what I am
I know what I want
I know what I like
I know what I feel
I know what I . . . 
Action = Reaction
You do good = I do good
You do bad = I do fucking BAD MORE +
I'm brainsick person. Believe me!
I'm so strange from your thinking
I'm different from your species!
And, I'm far away from your brain
If you wanna chat with me, Think carefully hahaaa
I don't mind who you are
But, please sincere with me, I'm not stupid!

I don't care your money & material
 Anti Socialism
 Anti Materialism
Keep it and get lost !!!

I'm not high-so, I'm ordinary girl as you see
But, I love to be myself. NO FAKE NO LIAR!
It seems like I'm
full of mystery. I don't care it
Please sure, I'm polite girl as I'm in my way
I don't need love (for now, heheee)
  Stop to flirt me if you think to do!
  I haven't lover or not, Who cares?
’ I always have my best in my HEART ♥
Happy TOGETHER with my famz & my buddies..
Only I & Them
Coz  they are mine forever ´===C<*_+ )
oゝ). Thanks for ALL   (*.*")ƪ_(̀_́')

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