Is it "bad." The eyes search for completion. This is where it begins. This quest. How impossible it may be or simple it will become. Question after question, they never go away. It is when I understand myself more. I become seperate. I am a person who doesn't like to think like this. Peoples judgements sicken me and sometimes I find myself thinking like them. I play along and pretend "having a normal temperament." It's so easy to assume, as the information is fed through media. Intuition is my sword. My thoughts are complacent as I ramble. To who reads, most likely you wouldn't understand. I don't have time to explain. Thoughts can be so profound as the depths of the ocean. As a poem that is written, only the poet knows truth. It is for others to interperate. For now, I have nothing to say. It would only further your confusion. 

As my wisdom would speak,

A hollow tree is not yet hollow.
It is filled with that of which you don't understand.
You only see emptiness. 
This is not an assumption.
This is truth.
Truth to whom has seen the easiest of things.
My path is parallel so even I am not above you.
I only wish to be "Light".

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