Raihana a.k.a rere
Puspita Wulansia Nababan a.k.a Poes
Tresia a.k.a Bj Tere
and Willy Yanti a.k.a wily

we have several same hobbies..
but the most significant hobby is we like to taking picture and to design it.
and 4 of us, are delight for playing theater and they join at Theater Ilalank comunity.
so, We'd like to find someone who has the same hobbies like us~♥
lets join this group! 

♥willyanti said("re,,BCS yok")♥
♥bout willy >>
♪gilaa bear

♥tere said("re,,adaa gaun baruu"!)
♥bout tere >>
♪skak shoping
♪PutusNyambung troz

♥poes said("re,,ada bisnis gg?")
♥bout poes >>
♪bisnis ... whee
♪nag d ajak curhat 


Willy Yanti said...

Haha. Re, kayaknya aku tau kalimat" itu dech (yang bagian intro) :)
ambil dari group di FB ya?
Nice nice :)

Raihana said...

ia willl
bingung mu nulis pa
jdi dcopas ja