Hello Singapore

Hallo from Singapore [again] heheheeeeeee...

Singapore is an amazing country. It is often seen as just a place to stop on the way to somewhere else which is a shame. Singapore is a great place to visit in its own right.  I have been there several times in the past, but always as part of a Business Trip or guiding someone. This time, I was very happy to have Singapore with my familly.

Singapore is a fabulous place for a vacation, especially with kids. There are just so many attractions and things to do. I am sure you could spend a couple of weeks and still leave Singapore with things on your list for next time. It is just such an easy place to visit with a fabulous transportation system and with english the common language. It is also neat, tidy and orderly. I am struggling to think of a country that is easier to travel to and within with kids.

My Nephew, Faeyza Amhadinejad

with my sister in law and nephew when waiting my brother (he is at Office Custome TT)

in MRT

Maryna bay sands

Long champ :3


Im her duplicate :D

His SMILE...... Love

like family potrait heheheee.... SOON! #wish

in park

Garden Bay The Bay

My Older Brother

3 of Them

in Sky High Garden

Looked someone


The Older snd the Little 


Enjoying my time with the little one

we're too happy

waiting the show

Show Time!


need Photos with someone beside me TT

Orchard Road

$1.20 Ice Cream in Orchard

Thosai Bread



In Riverside

Cover photo with cover

Banana Milk from Korea, Yummy

Ramen but not really ramen :D

when im in SG my tummy always hungry hahahaaa

South Sumatra, Palembang

Last May 2016, I Have a short Trip to South Sumatra, Palembang. I'm So Exited when my Bos Order me to go to Palembang for meet up with Dentistry. I'm going with my fellow friend. When 1st time I arrived at this country, the traffic jam welcome me huhuuuu.

When Im in Palembang, I have a plan to visit a famous place like Ampera Bridge, Musi River (actually some location with Ampera Bridge LOL), Museum Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II, and the most important is to tasted Pempek Vicco.

at Caffee Colaboration JCO + Bead

View Ampera Bridge at Night

at Sky Flight Kitchen

at Sky Flight Kitchen with fellow

Monumen  PAncasila, Maybe! Sorry

I Love Travelling

at Museum 

Forgive me :D Doooorrrrr

where are you?

Tissue Bread
Lets Selfie before eating :p
Pempek VIcco, LAziieesss

Breakfast with Tekwan in Hotel